EpisodeTitle Guest Description
12Through the Eyes of a Newly-Arrived Expat (Sarah From Syria, Canada, et al.) SarahSarah has had quite an international life so far, and now finds herself in Berlin, Germany. She discusses her first impressions of the country, people, and the culture.
11Tim From France – Not So Far From Home Tim Bourguignon Tim is a French expat living in Germany. He discusses learning German, has advice for making friends in Germany, and explains the difference between “kosten” and “kotzen”.
10The E-Scooterpocalypse & Feeling Dumb in GermanyPeople in big cities are annoyed by E-scooters, and the language barrier can make you come across as stupid in Germany.
9Natalie From Australia – From the Outback to EuropeNatalie SanseverinoNatalie from USA talks about ordering coffee in German, raising a child with three languages, and feeding naughty children to giant Australian spiders.
8Shannon From USA – Church Bells and BicyclesShannon AissenShannon from USA discusses falling in love with the German way of life, and how they were determined to come back here and make a life for themselves. Now that they’re back, they’re faced with the challenge of escaping the expat bubble.  
7Arvi from India- Founding a Startup in GermanyAravinth Palaniswamy Arvi from India talks about being an entrepreneur in Germany, as well as his platform, MyHelpBuddy, for putting expats who need help in touch with “buddies”.
6Lori from USA – Teaching English, Learning Languages, and Raising Bilingual Children in GermanyLori Childs-Körner Lori from USA discusses teaching English in Germany, how speaking a language doesn’t mean you understand the culture, the importance of good pronunciation when learning a second language, and raising children in a bilingual household.
5MonthEnder – Don’t Get Scammed + IamExpat Round-Up with Abi Abi from IamExpat.deAbi from IamExpat runs through some interesting stories of June 2019, and I discuss common expat scams and how to avoid them.
4The Essential Book for New Expats in GermanyLinda O’Grady & Kristina RiessI discuss the book From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom with the co-writers.
3Noor from Pakistan – Don’t Forget Your ‘GungsSyed Noor Ali JafriNoor from Pakistan discusses how much he hates “HBD”, seeing snow in his underpants, and meeting ultra-right wingers at 12am.
2Dwight from Australia – Controlling the TransmissionDwight Steven-BonieckiDwight, an Australian writer and film-maker living in Cologne, shares his experiences and advice about being an expat in Germany.
1My Expat StoryShaun introduces the show and describes his own expat story.